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Oct 15
Scott Maxworthy

Tell Me A Story That Sells

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Caught in a web
A man is asleep on a bed, fully clothed in a suit, the camera moves across to an alarm clock on a bed sitter.

Frank Sinatra  Justin Timberlake is playing Frank Sinatra - (Kutcher was busy and can't sing that I know of). They could have cast Lada Gaga to make it different - both icons of their time.  Between Timberlake, Kutcher and Gaga they have over 39m Twitter followers (source).  Maybe they could throw in cameos from Kim Kardashian, Justin Beiber or a Steve Jobs holograph - that would increase viewers and sharing.  I digress, it's gettting late.

I check the time, switch off the tele and post my last tweet - time for bed, tomorrow we're heading away for a couple of weeks R&R.

Funny,  we don't tend to have alarm clocks any more (or watches for that matter) - those period type movies are soooo... - time offers a reflective property, a bit like looking at old photos of your grand parents - that was then, this is now.

I set the alarm on my phone.


The SOUND of traffic in the background, faint light coming through the thick drawn curtains, we pan over a half packed suitcase.  Clothes strewn across the room.



On a bedside table sits a Samsung Galaxy Nexus Google Android phone and a half eaten ice cream sandwich.   The time shows 5:59AM

[Insert: gratuitous product placement and SEO link bait - Note: the ice cream metaphor also relevant to select audience]



6:00AM the alarm goes off - the SOUND phone effect of a rooster crowing.

ECU - That moment of waking up dazed, the transition from subconsciousness to conscious reality and then.....?  

Picks up phone and immediately checks email and Facebook.  

Stop signStop there!  

You're busting to do a pee but you check whether someone has sent you a message - that's bizarre!  Is there some kind of compulsive addiction thing happening here?

Last year a study by Oxygen Media and Lightspeed Research found that as many as one-third of women aged 18-34 check Facebook when they first wake up, even before they get to the bathroom (or sex!).  Men are generally less internet socially skilled means they'd be slightly less compulsive (as a group).   

Either way, you acknowledge how intrusive and pervausive social technology now is in our lives.  If we are not constantly connected we feel withdrawn like some alcohlic or junkie.

Internet Addiction - It's "all good" or is it?

The "technatics" (technology fanatics) will simply say this is the way it is - that it's not bad becuase it's "connecting" people and ideas - that it's "doing good". There are many strong arguments in favour - you only have to think of social media driven revolutions and the sharing of inspirational TED presentations.  

There's some "good TV"; there's some "good people" BUT (there's always a "but"), is it "ALL GOOD"?

More time is spent online today then watching television and over 20% of that time is on/ in social media; 

Another report - more than half (53%) of the Facebook users surveyed had played a social game, with two thirds (65%) starting to play in the last year including 13% in the last month. 19% of social gamers considered themselves ‘addicted’.

So, is playing games a waste of time?  

In terms game playing benefits - is watching reality TV shows any different than playing a computer game or cyberchatting with your friends?  

Is it all just escapism from the drudgery and challenges of normal life or is this just life abd we have a much more transparent window?

With everyone now being a publisher (and so much noise) - from a business marketing perspective how do brands get cut through?


What's Important to your audience?

ibm logoLast week IBM published the CMO - Leadership and Innovation Report - the key findings revealed that CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) see four of these challenges as pervasive, universal game-changers:

  • the data explosion, 
  • social media, 
  • proliferation of channels and devices, and 
  • shifting consumer demographics.


Additionally, most CMOs are struggling in one vital respect — providing the numbers that demonstrate a return on marketing investment (ROMI).

Exploring Digtial Solutions & ROMI

In terms of Digital Strategy and Internet Marketing then at the moment I'm looking at this whole corporate transmedia storytelling thing - it goes way beyond the basics of Facebook fan pages; Twitter accounts, web pages and SEO.

It goes to the essence of "shareworthyness" - of creating an interactive story experience that resonates and connects with potential customers and influencers.

Following is a recent prezi presentation mash up that looks at Digital Media Strategy and Transmedia Marketing



Times have changed - the old ways we considered the "norm" are like the alarm clocks and film only movie cameras.  How do we adapt and implement; how to we lead; and how do we engage and service our customers? 

We developed our stories - we build our teams - we create and deliver - we share, influence, sell and service.

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